Customised Adobe Dreamweaver training courses, presented at your offices.

Discover how Adobe Dreamweaver can be your best tool for building and maintaining websites.

Discover why Adobe Dreamweaver is still one of the most popular web design tools for professionals. This comprehensive two-day training course will teach you all of the features that you will need to use to develop a fully functional web site and get it published on-line.

Learn to use Adobe Dreamweaver’s time-saving tools to streamline your work process and create accessible web-sites that conform to all the latest standards.

You can even use Adobe Dreamweaver to modify and customise Themes in your WordPress site.

Whether you are designing a web site or maintaining a company Intranet, this course will teach you all you need to know about using this world class piece of software.

This course is completely hands-on throughout. By building a real, working web site over the two days, you will be putting your learning into practice right away. You can even work on your own web site.

Like all our courses, the instructor is a professional consultant, with years of real world experience with leading blue-chip companies both in the UK and Europe.

It is this real-world experience that makes our courses such an excellent investment. You will be able to take advantage tapping into valuable practical experience that the instructor has gained over the years.

Outline for this TWO DAY Adobe Dreamweaver training course:

  • Setting your Dreamweaver preferences
  • Defining a new site
  • Choose your document type: HTML, ASP, PHP and discover which would be best for you.
  • Creating Dreamweaver Templates
    • Creating pages based on your Template
    • Applying a new Template to existing pages
    • Using Template Properties to create different variations of pages without having to create different Templates
  • Working with text
    • Using paragraphs for clarity and search engine optimization.
    • Understanding how headings impact search engine optimization
    • Using ordered and unordered lists
  • Managing website files
    • Previewing pages on a testing server
    • Organising files and folders: naming conventions for practicality and Search Engine Optimization
    • Creating, managing and editing "Library" items
    • Using Dreamweaver "Snippets"
  • Creating hyper-links:
    • to pages within the site
    • to positions on the page (e.g. return to top)
    • to other web sites
    • to email addresses
    • to other documents (PDF documents or other downloads)
  • Working with images
  • Editing images without Photoshop
  • Optimising images for faster downloads
  • Cascading Style Sheets in Dreamweaver
  • Controlling text and headings' sizes, colours and fonts for accessibility and Search Engine Optimization
  • What is CSS and how is it beneficial
  • Defining page properties
  • Discovering the difference between DIV, SPAN, and CLASS and ID
  • Creating responsive designs for PC, Mobile, iPad and TV
  • Using external style sheets and downloadable Google fonts
  • Using CSS to create a "printer friendly" pages
  • Uploading your site to your web space
    • Previewing your pages in a variety of browsers
    • Managing changes to your web site with the "Synchronize" tool
    • Controlling multiple webmasters with the check in/check out option
  • Creating feedback forms and search forms
  • Validating a feedback form
  • Creating Fly-out menus and drop-down menus

"Learning never exhausts the mind."

Leonardo da Vinci

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