Get to grips with Adobe Photoshop, still the world's most advanced digital imaging software.


Adobe Photoshop is over 24 years old and is still the worlds best package for editing digital images. It is loved by amateur and professional photographers alike, graphic designers, digital artists and web professionals the world over. This intense one-day training course will help you get the most from this world class application.

This course is completely hands-on throughout. By working with real photos and images, you will be putting your learning into practice right away.

You can even work on your own photos and images with the help of the instructor. So you can learning and doing at the same time. Do you have a live project you need help with? That would make an excellent learning too.

Like all our courses, the trainer is a professional consultant, with years of real world experience with leading blue-chip companies both in the UK and Europe.

It's this real-world experience that makes this course such a great investment. You can take advantage of the valuable practical experience that the trainer has gained over the years.

Some of the many Photoshop techniques you will discover on this intensive ONE DAY training course.

This is only an outline of the topics covered. And these examples are just that: examples. The course outline is not written in stone. This course, like all our courses, can be customised to suit you.

  • Customising the Photoshop user interface.
  • Changing your preferences to set up Photoshop just the way you like it.
  • Understanding the Adobe Photoshop interface and tools.
  • Setting up custom keyboard short-cuts.

Combining textures from one image to "texturise" another image using the Displace filter.

Flat Image

Transformative Warp Flat Image


Transformative Warp Texture


Transformative Warp Combination

Discover these skills, and more, with this one day Adobe Photoshop training courses, presented at your offices.

"Only you can control your future."

Dr. Seuss

Costs for presenting this ONE DAY Adobe Photoshop training course, at your offices, to different numbers of people.

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Benefits of having your customised Adobe Photoshop training course presented at your offices.