Learn Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) : 1 day customised training course

This intensive, one day, training course is aimed at newcomers to Cascading Style Sheets and covers the topics comprehensively from basic text formatting through to responsive page design, printer friendly pages and other advanced techniques.

You will be able to put your CSS training to immediate use.

As with all our training courses, they are 100% hands on - you will learn by creating and editing Cascading Style Sheets.

You will be encouraged to adopt the very latest strategies for creating attractive, functional and accessible web pages.

You will learn from practical applications of CSS. At the end of the day, you will have a complete understanding of how cascading style sheets work. You will be able to write you own style sheets from scratch, or modify existing style sheets with confidence.

With the help of the instructor, you can work on your own web site or your own HTML emails. So you will be learning and doing at the same time.

Your trainer for this course is a professional web developer, who works with cutting-edge methods daily, so you will receive CSS training that is based on real world web design pojects.

It is this real-world experience that makes our courses such an excellent investment. You will be able to take advantage tapping into valuable practical experience that the instructor has gained over the years.

Outline for this ONE DAY Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) training course:

Remember: this is an only an outline. You can have this training course customised for you.

  • Best practice for organising files and folders.
  • Efficient maintenance.
  • Creating Styles - learning the syntax of Cascading Style Sheets
  • Element selectors - defining what to change on the page.
  • Basic formatting - changing text and colour.
  • Formatting elements Individually.
  • Using multiple selectors - changing several things at once.
  • Using dependent selectors - understanding hierarchy and why style sheets are "Cascading".
  • Inline styles - when to use them and when to avoid.
  • Embedded styles - their uses and limitations.
  • Linked style sheets - one style sheet that controls the appearance of the whole website.
  • Linking to external style sheets - using someone else's pre-created style sheet.
  • Different ways of displaying images on a page.
  • Using "sprites" for faster downloads.
  • Controlling text and headings' sizes, colours and fonts for accessibility and Search Engine Optimization.
  • Discovering the difference between DIV, SPAN, and CLASS and ID
  • Using CSS to create responsive website.
  • Using CSS to create a "printer friendly" pages.
  • Problems and Errors.
    • How to diagnose them.
    • How to fix them.

"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere."

Chinese proverb

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